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Taishan Phosphate Fertilizer Factory Co.Ltd.

    Taishan City Phosphate Fertilizer Factory was built in 1965, was originally a state-owned chemical enterprise in the second, reform in 2003 was acquired by Taishan Da Heng Glass Group, into private enterprise. The enterprise is located in Tanjiang coast, DaJiang Town, Taishan City, close to Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Highway, and Xin Hui-Tai Shan highway, water and land transportation are very convenient. Our plant layout of the garden, covering 11 million square meters, in addition, and the plant has a thousand-ton dock. Features living district, office buildings and 10 workshops, with more than 600 employees, and more than 100 professional titles, including more than 40 engineers and technicians.  Determined to operate over years, increasing production development, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, complete testing facility, the quality assurance system, obtained the ISO 9002 International Quality System Certification.  
     Our company main products are: single Superphosphate (P); Industrial Sulfuric Acid; Compound Fertilizer; Sulphuric Aluminum Sulfate (solid, liquid); Liquid Ferric Chloride; Light Silicon Dioxide (normal, active); Sodium (commonly known as water glass); Sodium Fluoride etc. Stable and reliable product quality, sold at home and abroad, enjoying a good reputation, the export of chemical products in Guangdong Province, one of the bases.

    Over years, our plant have won the ¡°National Small Phosphate Sulfate Red Flag Unit¡±, and ¡°Guang Dong Advanced Enterprise,¡± ¡°Excellent Unit of Equipment management in Guangdong Province¡±, ¡°Leak-Free Factory¡±, ¡°Guangdong Consecutive Years of the Contract and Keeping Promises "and so on.

    We sincerely welcome distributors and customers from different cities come to visit and negotiate business and for future cooperation.

Telephone: 0750-5411717

Address: Dong Hua Street, Gong Yi Da Jiang Town, Taishan City, Guang Dong Province, China















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